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UGG Boots - Trend Or Here to Stay?

When it comes to UGG boots you will find there are 2 fairly solid and distinct groups of people. Either you are a fan of them or you are a harsh opponent of them. But the question remains, what group of people are correct? Are UGGs really "the most comfortable footwear ever"? Are they really practical? Or are they just a ridiculous fad that most people will look back onto in 10 years and wonder what they were thinking?

One thing that can hint at the answer to this question about UGG boots is to look at the history of what we now call UGG boots. UGG boots are originally from Australia. The first point to be made is that UGG boots are nothing new. They were used in World War I by pilots as a means of keeping warm in unpressurized cabins of the planes they were flying. Also they were used in past decades by surfers and swimmers as a way to quickly warm their feet after a match or training. Now in 2010 UGG boots are a high fashion trend. Who would imagine that boots which were never intended to be worn in front of other people for the shear shame of their UGGly appearance would become an item of high fashion amongst people around the world.

Another question remains. Are UGGs really practical footwear? Well the answer to that question is also open to a lot of speculation and opinion. For example, one thing that many shoppers who are spending upwards of $300 on UGG boots do not realize is, these boots are not water proof and are not really intended for a winter climate. This is particularly puzzling since many of the people who are buying UGGs this Christmas are people living in North East or Mid Western United States where you can be sure one winter storm is going to leave the buyer with cold and wet feet, and carrying around heavy saturated UGG boots on their feet, much to the amusement of the harsh opponents to the UGG trend.

So why are UGGs so popular? Well, like anything in our modern society it is all about how you market yourself. When Decker Corporation (the corporate menace behind UGGs) trademarked the UGG name outside of Australia (they are not allowed to trademark it in Australia since it is the defacto name of that style of boots in Australia for decades), they had a lot of success in their marketing strategy. First of all, many of the top celebrities have been spotted wearing UGGs in the past 5 years are so. Its pointless to name them all but if you do a Google search for UGG boots celebrity photos you can see for yourself. The overwhelming celebrity buzz over UGGs have prompted many people to purchase these products. There is really no other reason.

In the end these sheepskin UGGs have been a great success, they have turned us all into sheep America. "bahhhh bahhhh"