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The Marketing Or Musical Genius of Madonna

Madonna holds the distinction of being the artist with the most number of reinvention. She has so more versions of herself than fifty of today's young artists put together. It is such a difficult thing to analyze her because she doesn't stay in one persona long enough for one to have enough understanding of what she is.

Madonna has portrayed an innocent tease, an educated nymphomaniac, an aware rebel, a glamorous beauty and passionate nymph. She has also represented so many cultures and so many issues such as gay rights. She has her own share of controversies as well. She was the very first artist to visually show a direct challenge on the conservative Catholics when she burned the symbol of the cross in one of her videos. I don't think, however, that her greatness is about her music as much as it is about her ability to market herself. I have always maintained that musical greatness may be determined if you can strip an artist of everything and keep only the music, the timelessness, appeal and musicality will remain.

Madonna's works don't have that. She succinctly embellishes all her songs with controversial juices that it is almost impossible to get to know the core. On rare times when you are able to see through all those layers of shock and awe, what you hear is almost never as outstanding.

Her voice does not stand out. It doesn't have the natural angst that haunts you the minute you hear the voice, even when you don't know what they are saying. It doesn't have the natural presence that dominates the room whenever her voice is heard. It doesn't even have the flowing sex appeal that so many singers now posses that makes up for the lack of quality in their songs.

Her greats, Like A Virgin and Papa Don't Preach were not remarkable musically. It didn't introduce a new sound. It was a song you hear everyday. There was no new rifts, no new progression, no new accent on the sound. Those messages of the songs were, at best, rudimentary. It didn't even inspired new artists to write think along the same lines.

This is not to say she should be any less respected. She did encourage women to be bolder in their life. She pioneered woman power and alpha female coolness. I just don't' think she deserves to be there with the musical greats. She is a marketing great, a marketing genius with unparalleled uniqueness. That is one category she can claim dominance on.