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One Tree Hill: Secrets Of The Set

Ever wondered what sort of effort goes into the creation of the sets for the CW television series One Tree Hill? Alan Hook, a production designer for the show, sheds some light and gives out several interesting set and production details for the next season. For the past four seasons of the teen drama, the various characters? respective bedrooms have been shown as their private spaces and personal sanctuaries, living spaces that also served as extensions of their changing and occasionally volatile moods. In a change for the new season, major plot developments will in turn be presented on new sets and backdrops for the drama to play out on.

Hook has stated that as they?ve moved forward, they also got rid of everything from the previous seasons in terms of old set designs and structures. He also said that the production team has started anew in that sense, with the cast of characters having grown up and changed significantly, and that their rooms also need to reflect these changes. The jump forward to four years later in their lives will also be shown in several revamps to their rooms and personal locations. Hook said that this was also in order to provide hints of a back story for the characters, giving an idea of what happened to them during that time period.

According to the production designer, no less than 30 new sets were created just for the very first episode of the fifth season. He likewise stated that television production worked at a very fast pace, with a new episode having to be filmed every eight days. Within those eight days, all the sets need to be designed, constructed, and ready for use in time. That is roughly an average of four sets to be made every day.