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Expressing the Many Sides of Women With Silk Scarves and Shawls

No doubt exists about the increasingly versatile nature of women. Our moods and behavior alter from serious and all-workman like to frivolous and fun loving. Our range of capabilities include everything from interior design and child rearing to landscaping and quantum mechanics. In the wink of an eye we can go from chic and elegant to hot and sexy.

Admittedly, being a female does present some problems. Overall, however, it can be fun. Our gender lets us perform a great variety of roles. These may change as we move through life altering us as we go along. Moreover, in certain inimitable ways, we can express ourselves as individuals, unlike the male of the species. Part of this overall change and expression occurs by using make-up and accessories. Moreover, we can style our hair in a multitude of ways, pile on the jewelry and choose from a myriad of clothing and accessories. This contrasts directly with the restriction facing men. They wear a finite amount of clothing styles with little there to indicate mood changes.

The many roles a woman plays - mother, bread-winner and lover, make her infinitely suited to the need to be flexible and adept at creating outfits to suit these often very different parts. Yet, many of us really do not have the financial wherewithal or the time to accomplish these "quick-change" acts. The result is woman at her adaptive best when shopping. She knows a hot red lipstick for night wear makes her look totally different when compared to the plain natural hue she wears for work. She also knows how swapping shoes of various heights can create an instant impact.

If you want to provide yourself with an all-around, totally complete and appropriate for any occasion wardrobe, start with the basics. If you have a few necessary items in your closet, you can create a new you. Just make sure you include a wide selection of quality 100% pure silk scarves and shawls. Why? The reasons are simple:

1. Rapid makeovers require objects that we can throw on and off quickly and nothing is easier for this than silk scarves and shawls

2. We may need to either dress up or down a specific outfit quickly. Silk scarves and shawls can accomplish either rapidly

3. Silk scarves and shawls are easily compatible with any type of clothing. Whether the item is an evening dress to denims, you always will have something to match and complement them

4. Classy, elegant, quirky or sexy, the look provided by using silk scarves and shawls depends on which body part you wear them on and how you tie or drape them

5. These accessories are unique. Wherever you go, no one will be wearing an identically designed hand painted silk scarf or hand-dyed shawl

6. Silk scarf or shawls are unique fabrics. The weather may be delightful or frightful, cool or hot, this accessory will cool you off or keep you toasty.

Silk scarves and shawls are definitely a versatile accessory and with an abundance of gorgeous options available, there's no reason why you shouldn't treat yourself to a new one as often as possible!