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Cycling Safely, Why Your Kids Must Wear Cool Cycle Helmets

On today's busy roads it really is crucial that cycling helmets must be worn all of the time. They will help avert truly serious head injuries and may even save your life!

Statistics supplied by ROSPA (the Royal Society for prevention of accidents) clearly show that in 2009 throughout the UK, 104 bike riders were killed, 2,606 were very seriously injured, as well as a massive 14,354 endured modest accidental injuries! That's a total of 17,064 accidents! These figures are just the reported incidents and don't include the non-reported cases! 1/5 of accidents involve children and the risk tends to increase the older a child gets, with 10 to 15-year-olds most at risk (including adults up to the age of 60). Among the many injuries that can occur, head injuries are the most frequent, ranging from skull fractures and brain damage to concussion and cuts. A staggering 40% of cyclists and 45% of Child bike riders suffer head injuries! Accidents are likely in urban areas with two thirds of incidents happening at road junctions. Almost half of deaths occur on rural roads with blind bends and poor lighting!

Sobering isn't it? If ever there was a reason to put on a good-quality cycle helmet, then this must certainly be it! Research conducted recently indicates that up to 96% of younger bike riders do not have correctly fitted cycling helmets which may raise the chance of significant injury by 50%.

Some kids might think that wearing head gear isn't trendy, nevertheless, basic safety should always be your first concern. There are numerous "cool bike helmets" on the market in all shapes, sizes and colours. Always try to obtain the best quality kids bike helmets that your particular spending budget allows. You can not put a cost on safety! You need to make certain that the helmet fits properly and that all of the adjustments are made. This, needless to say is completely vital. The helmet also needs to be checked on a regular basis for any obvious deterioration and replaced straight away if it's damaged. In case your youngsters are riding without the appropriate safety equipment, make certain you get your kids bike helmets right now. Of course it goes without saying that additional safety gear ought to be used like having the best cycle lights available and Hi Vis cycling jackets. In case you are reading this article and you don't happen to be a cyclist but you may be a driver, please take into account the statistics the very next time you venture out on the streets. Thanks for your interest.


Enjoy your cycling safely!