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Adjusting a Watch Bracelet

Often times, the timepiece you choose is absolutely perfect, with the exception of the fit. A watch strap must fit snugly, but not so tight as to be uncomfortable. Most manufacturers offer bands and straps in different lengths, to accommodate any wrist size. Famous designers, such as Michael Kors and Gucci will have various straps that could fit on their watch faces and makers like Michele sell primarily interchangeable straps, in order to please their customers. If you need to adjust the band on your timepiece, here are the tips that will make it go more smoothly:

• Find the adjustment holes on the strap. In one of these tiny openings you will find a pin. The pin is actually an adjustment mechanism, which is spring loaded. You must loosen the pin to properly adjust the strap.

• Choose which side of the strap you would like to adjust. With gentle pressure release the pin and move the bar to the proper hole.

• Make sure you try on the timepiece, to ensure a good fit. If further adjustment is needed, repeat steps.

• Clean off any finger marks with a soft cloth, careful to polish the crystal and case, as well.

The correct fit of your timepiece will make it more comfortable, as well as keep it from turning face down and getting scratched or damaged. Always remember, that if you don't feel like this is a job you can do safely, take your watch to an authorized professional for all repairs and maintenance.