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About Lafuma

Lafuma was founded in 1930 by the three Lafuma brothers - Victor, Alfred and Gabriel. In 1936, the company invented the metal-frame braced backpack, which expanded the group considerably. Having produced products for both the French Army pre-World War II, and during the occupation of France by Nazi Germany for the Wehrmacht, the company resumed production post-war. In 1954 Lafuma expanded into camping furniture.

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The Grumpy Diet

I'm on a diet. It's day six. I'm grumpy. I could just end it there and most readers would get my point. But I'm not trying to lose weight, I'm fine for my age and height.I'm not allergic to anything, that I am aware of. I just feel like crap and I ca ..........Read full article

NCIS Character Analysis - Agent Tony DiNozzo

The senior field agent of the NCIS team is Anthony DiNozzo. He has a humorous and laid-back style, that amuses all of the other team members, and himself. It is nearly impossible to find a topic that Tony will not make into a comedy, or movie referen ..........Read full article

Guide to Basic Watch Shapes

Of course, there are many different and interesting shapes created by watch designers, but by and large the shapes most commonly used fall into four main categories. Most famous designers like Michael Kors and other agree that these four familiar sha ..........Read full article

Women Business Owners - Charge What Your Product or Service Is W

Recently, I visited with a client who continues to complain that she's not making enough money, although she works long hard hours. So, I got out the statistics and pointed out her business matrix to explain why her business is sinking in quicksand.S ..........Read full article

Tips For Finding Comfortable But Fashionable Shoes

One of the most important factors when choosing a pair of shoes are ensuring that they are a good fit. Shoes must fit correctly for them to be comfortable, especially when worn for extended periods of time and if you spend the day on your feet. Incor ..........Read full article

How To Buy UGG Boots on Sale

The popular Australian UGG boots are a great accessory to warm you during the chilly weather. You can add them to most outfits, accent your outfit with a wide range of colors and customize your style with varying heights and designs. These great boot ..........Read full article

Birkenstock Sandals Are Worth a Second Look This Summer

Birkenstock sandals for women are an incredible summer luxury. Birkenstocks have been around for a while so they don't get the new wow factors that some other sandals get. However, Birkenstock women's sandals are now some of the most stylish and comf ..........Read full article

Did You Know: Adidas Predator Boots Are Made Of Kangaroo

The kangaroo is the national symbol of Australia; they are a famed creature indigenous to the island and are a huge tourist attraction. But that is not the only purpose they serve, they are harvested for their meat, fur but mostly their leather.Nearl ..........Read full article

The History of Gucci Handbags

Gucci is the very embodiment of style and fashion and ever since the first boutique was opened in Rome in 1920, the leather goods company made rapid strides. If you talk of fashion and a leathery feel, you cannot but think of the Italian master craft ..........Read full article

The Marketing Or Musical Genius of Madonna

Madonna holds the distinction of being the artist with the most number of reinvention. She has so more versions of herself than fifty of today's young artists put together. It is such a difficult thing to analyze her because she doesn't stay in one p ..........Read full article