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About Lafuma

Lafuma was founded in 1930 by the three Lafuma brothers - Victor, Alfred and Gabriel. In 1936, the company invented the metal-frame braced backpack, which expanded the group considerably. Having produced products for both the French Army pre-World War II, and during the occupation of France by Nazi Germany for the Wehrmacht, the company resumed production post-war. In 1954 Lafuma expanded into camping furniture.

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What Are Palestinian Scarves?

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Prevention of Adult Diaper Rash

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Traffic Safety Vests - You Could Need Them

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Tools To Stretch A Shoe Can Save You Time And Money

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Generic Drugs Work As Quickly and As Effectively As Branded Drug

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Ladies Dress Watches - The Past and Future of That Which Elegant

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Vogue Magazine

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Nike Shoe

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Adjusting a Watch Bracelet

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Strategies To Choose The Right Ladies Bag

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